4th of July

Yesterday was July 4th. I hope you had great Independence Day celebrations, America. What is more American than a hot dog eating contest? By the way, I had all my money on Joey Chestnut, AKA Glizzy Gladiator, to defend his hotdog eating title from last year. Sorry Glizzy Lizzy, you had no chance.

I do consider myself American – I am legally an American citizen. Nevertheless, I do not view July 4th as my holiday (I do not feel part of the core demographic for most holidays we celebrate either). I liken it to a birthday party that you are invited to – it is not your party, but you are warmly welcomed. When I think of July 4th, hot dogs, and White people spring to my mind. Even though it is not a racially exclusive celebration, for me, July 4th is mostly about Whites celebrating their country – which they should. As a Black person, I am still able to appreciate 4th of July. America at its best is not necessarily about being part of the group, but rather a collection of different groups that are welcoming, respectful, and celebratory of each other.